Engagement Model

Understand how customers are engaging with your marketing materials - every click andopen.

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Integrates with Your Marketing Tech Stack

Our tool fits right into your marketing technology setup, working with platforms like Klaviyo, Iterable, Attentive, and Sendlane. It’s all about understanding your customers' interactions with your marketing. The tool tracks who’s really getting involved with your messages and who isn’t, giving you a clear view of how your audience is responding to your campaigns.

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Discover What Content Works Best

You'll find out exactly which customers are opening your emails, clicking on links, and engaging with your content. This is super useful for figuring out what kind of content hits the mark and what misses, and crucially, who is most receptive to it. It’s like having a roadmap showing you which types of messages are winning your customers’ attention.

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Customize Communication for Better Engagement

Here’s where it gets really practical: the insights from this tool can go straight back into your marketing strategies. For example, if you notice a customer engages more with SMS than email, you can switch up your approach. Instead of sending them an email about a discount, you send a text. This level of personalization – tailoring your communication based on the channels that resonate with each customer – makes your marketing more effective and your customers more satisfied.

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