Security at Cotera

Cotera is built by a team of experienced software and data engineers. Keeping our customers data secure is our top priority, and always will be. We're SOC2 Type II certified and can provide a copy of our latest audit report on request.

We are also happy to provide information on the full suite of policies and controls we implement, but here are some highlights:

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Security program highlights

You Own Your Data

Cotera is built to work against a data warehouse, which either we can provide or you host yourself. The data is always stored in that data warehouse and never in Cotera's systems.

Data Security

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We rely on Google Clouds Key Management to encrypt our keys and require the use of the latest encryption standards such as AES-256.

Application Security

We follow a rigorous and audited secure development process. Additionally, we use static security analysis tools such as Dependabot and Google's Container Scanning service to secure our product at every step of the development process.

Infrastructure Security

Cotera uses Google Cloud Platform to host our application. We make use of GCP's Kuberetes engine to ensure that all of the latest hardening standards are in place.

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