Understand what drives

Cotera surfaces differences between your customer segments, so that you can build intelligent campaigns that really work.

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Everything you need to understand your customers

Cotera has everything you need to go beyond descriptive analytics and figure out what really drives customer behavior.

Build Cohorts

Build cohorts of your customer base in an intuitive, visual way without asking a developer - or drop down into SQL if you want to.

Automated Insights

Automatically visualize behavioral differences between cohorts. Select two cohorts and Cotera will surface the most interesting differences in their behavior.

Smart Cohorts

Spot something interesting in the cohort comparison? Simply select it to create a new cohort to and feed it back into your analysis.

Customer Data Center

Understand your customers from the top-down and bottom-up. Cotera makes it easy to drill all the way down to view the data for a single customer.

Take Action

Go beyond building cohorts and automate action based on them. We integrate with tools like braze to allow you to automate campaigns in any way you like.

Data Team Friendly

Your data team will love Cotera. We integrate with the tools they already use and your data warehouse, so you don't need to send any data to us.

Smart Cohorts

Build cohorts quickly and easily. Use our no-code cohort builder or write SQL to define and compare different customer groups.

Automatically understand how cohorts differ. Cotera searches through your data and surfaces the most statistically significant differences between your specified cohorts. Don't rely on hunches - Cotera will compare and surface everything relevant.

Smart Cohorts feature

Dive Deeper

Drill down into the automated insights. When you spot something interesting in the visualizations, just select the appropriate part of the chart and Cotera will drill down into the details for you.

Create a fast feedback loop. You can feed your selections back into your analysis to dig in further, or save and track how they change over time.

Dive Deeper feature

Customer Data Center

A complete customer overview. Cotera can also build from the bottom up - quickly view a customer profile and find other users with similar attributes.

Data warehouse native. Cotera sits on top of your data warehouse -- this makes it incredibly easy and safe to use relevant data without having it leave your servers.

Customer Data Center feature

The World's First Virtual Feature Store

Ingest from anywhere. Cotera plugs in to your data warehouse and can ingest data from anywhere -- whether that be a CRM, marketing application, or a database. Create a "Virtual Feature Store" that maps all of your data sources and can quickly re-compile customer data.

Export to anything. The Cotera VFS can smart-segment and output data to most of your marketing tools, with more being added every day. Use your favorite tools to track how cohorts are doing, market to them in various ways, and so much more.

The World's First Virtual Feature Store feature