Cotera is SOC2 Compliant!


Ibby Syed

Hey all! Super excited to share some news - Cotera has achieved SOC 2 status!

For those that aren’t familiar, SOC 2 is a cybersecurity compliance framework - it means that we've met the highest standards for security controls and procedures to protect our customers' data.

I’m super proud of the hard work that the team put in to get us here. Dozens of hours were spent putting up safeguards, writing policy documents, and performing serious-but-entertaining exercises on what we’d do in different scenarios. We started the process pretty early - only three months after kicking the company off - and it enforces all of the good habits that our engineering team has put in place since day one.

SOC 2 is a real win for us - it’s a badge to the world that we take very seriously our dedication to keeping our customers’ data safe and secure. It doesn’t stop at maintaining this status though - we’re constantly improving and evolving our security practice as the landscape changes.

For our existing customers, hopefully this serves as a reassurance that all the things we told them during the security review process were true - and we now have a fun report to prove it! For prospective customers, it’s comforting to see the measures that we have in place to keep their data secure.

Of course, SOC 2 isn’t a one and done (and it definitely shouldn’t be) and we’re already preparing for the next audit cycle. Additionally, we hope to expand to support other standards such as ISO 27001 soon.

Please let me know if there are any questions we can help answer - and if you want to chat more about what we’re doing at Cotera, give me a shout!

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