How to Stop Losing Sales: Taming the Cart Abandonment Beast


Caroline Gong

So, you've got an online store, and you're pumped about it. People are adding stuff to their carts, but after a little while...poof! They vanish without completing their purchases. What happened? 

This phenomenon is called Shopping Cart Abandonment, and this article will cover what this metric is, why it’s a big deal, and how you can prevent it.

What's Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate is the number of folks who toss items into their online shopping cart but then decide to bail without hitting that "Buy Now" button. 

As a business owner, it might be incredibly frustrating to see this. After all, you’ve done the hard part of getting customers to your store, right?

Wrong! The hardest part is convincing your customers of your value and getting them to buy your product!

And guess what? That’s a pretty big deal, so figuring out your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate can help you address this critical business need.

Why Should You Care?

1. Losing Profit 

  • High abandonment rates mean you're saying goodbye to potential sales.
  • Your products may not be serving or solving a critical problem.

2. Annoying Your Shoppers

  • High abandonment rates can frustrate potential customers.
  • Nobody wants a bad shopping experience, right?

3. Burning Money on Marketing

  • Abandoned carts mean you're shelling out cash without making it rain with sales.
  • Effective marketing and good product development go hand-in-hand. Without marketing, you won’t get customers, but if your product isn’t good enough, you can’t make sales at all.

Why Are People Abandoning Carts?

Figuring out why shoppers ghost their carts is step one in tackling this issue. Here are some common reasons:

1. Sneaky Costs

  • Surprise fees like shipping or taxes can scare off shoppers.
  • Be upfront about costs or offer sweet deals like free shipping.

2. Trust Issues

  • Shoppers get spooked by sketchy websites or data security worries.
  • Show off your trust badges, secure payment options, and privacy policies.

3. Window Shopping

  • Sometimes, people just toss things in the cart for later comparison.
  • Woo them with competitive prices or discounts to seal the deal.

4. Checkout Blues

  • A super long and complicated checkout process is a buzzkill.
  • Instead of forcing shoppers to create an account can be a deal-breaker, for instance, let them skip the registration hassle with a guest checkout option.

How to Save Abandoned Carts

Enough with the cart abandonment drama! Let's get down to business and stop losing those sales:

1. Streamline Checkout

  • Keep it short and sweet, like a good story.
  • One-page checkout or a progress indicator can make a big difference.

2. Be Honest About Prices

  • No surprises, please.
  • Lay out all the costs upfront, including shipping and taxes.

3. The Exit-Intent Trick

  • When they're about to bail, catch 'em with an exit-intent pop-up.
  • Offer discounts or freebies to keep them hanging around.

4. Cart Abandonment Emails

  • Send friendly reminders via email about their abandoned cart.
  • Include pics of the goodies and a quick link to finish the purchase.

5. Mobile Magic

  • Make sure your website looks awesome on mobile devices.
  • Mobile users are a big deal, so make it easy for them to buy.


Shopping cart abandonment is like a pesky gremlin in the e-commerce world, but you can tame it. Understand why folks are ditching their carts and use clever strategies to keep it in check. Remember, make shopping a breeze, build trust, and adapt to the ever-changing online shopping game. You've got this! 

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