Churn Prediction for B2C

Predict which customers are at risk of churning, and intervene with perfect timing.

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Track and Understand User Activity

Our Churn Prediction Tool is perfect for businesses with digital platforms, like gaming apps or online services. Think of it as a smart assistant that keeps an eye on how people use your platform. It checks which features they like, how often they log in, and how long they stay each time. Then, it figures out if someone might stop using your platform – or in simpler terms, if they’re close to logging off your app for good. It doesn’t just alert you about this; it also gives you ideas on how to keep them interested.

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Personalized User Engagement

Integrating seamlessly with your communication systems, this tool is smart about reaching out. If a regular user starts to drift away, it sends a heads-up through your team's Slack channel. You can then reach out in a way that suits them best. For others, it might trigger an email or a notification within the app itself, maybe reminding them about a cool feature they haven’t tried yet. This way, every user gets attention in a way that feels right for them.

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Boost Engagement and Keep Users Happy

Every user gets a score based on how they interact with your platform. High scores mean they’re loving it and low scores might mean they need a nudge about all the cool stuff they’re missing. With this tool, you can make sure you’re always giving them what they need to stay hooked. Happier users mean a more successful platform, and our Churn Prediction Tool is here to help you keep everyone engaged and excited.

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