Lifecycle Model

Tailor sales funnels to different types of user

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Understand your buyers’ buying habits in detail

When you zoom out and examine your buyers’ full customer journeys (from your hooking them in the first place, to perhaps losing them again in the future), you see certain patterns appear. Our Lifecycle Model tool analyses these patterns in depth to help you understand where your sales funnel can be made more effective, maximising potential revenue.

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Split lifecycle data based on types of customer

Data is separated into various default categories so you can adapt your sales funnel to different types of customer, including New Customers (who made their first purchase recently), Repeat Customers (who buy regularly), At Risk Customers (whose buying pattern has changed recently, suggesting you might soon lose them) and Lost Customers (who haven’t bought in a long time).

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Use the data to make customer-specific email campaigns

Different kinds of email pitch will work best for these different customer types. By integrating the data with your email platform, you can easily maximize the chances of purchase for any given customer. So, for example, your most frequent and high spending customers (Top Customers) are most likely to buy after receiving an email offering an upsell deal or referral offer, whilst at risk customers can best be targeted with personalized discounts.

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