Metrics for Ecommerce

World class metrics for E-Commerce companies, set up in moments, not months.

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Gather All Key Metrics in One Dashboard

Our Ecommerce Metrics Layer app is a powerful tool for anyone using ecommerce platforms like Magento or Shopify. It simplifies your workload by collecting all crucial metrics in one easy-to-use dashboard. This includes everything from the number of products sold and total orders to finer details such as units per order and how often customers abandon their carts. It's designed to give you a complete picture of your store's performance without the hassle of switching between different analytics tools.

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Detailed Insights for Informed Decisions

Beyond just gathering data, the app provides valuable insights into your store's dynamics. You can track a wide range of metrics like gross order value, units per product, and churn rates. It also helps you understand customer behavior – for instance, are customers often leaving without buying, or are certain products frequently out of stock? With this level of detail, you gain a deeper understanding of your store, helping you make informed decisions that can enhance your sales and customer experience.

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Alerts for Significant Metric Changes

A standout feature of this app is its real-time alert system. Whenever there's a significant shift in key metrics – say, an unusual increase in cart abandonment or a drop in average order value – you'll get an immediate notification. This enables you to respond swiftly to changes, whether it's adjusting your marketing strategy, addressing stock issues, or tweaking your website. Staying informed and reactive to these changes helps you maintain a smooth and successful online store.

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