Customer Feedback Monitoring

Stay On Top of What Your Customers Are Saying

Cotera's CX tool lets you understand your customers' opinions and feelings about your products, across every touch point.

Our tracker closely looks at what people say on social media, in reviews, and in support messages.

It doesn't just read the words - it understands the emotions behind them. You'll know exactly what features your customers love and what things need some work.

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Automated Customer Voice at Scale

Cotera's CX Platform is a must-have for businesses with a large amount of support or customer ticket volume. It carefully examines social media posts, customer reviews, and support ticket data.

It finds out what customers love or don't like about your products or service. This way, you'll have a clear idea of what's working and what needs improvement to feed into product decisions, marketing material and board level decisions.

Save Time and Effort

Instead of spending hours compiling data from different sources and performing manual analysis, this tool does the heavy lifting. It collects and analyzes customer comments for you, so you can focus on using those insights to make your business even better.

It integrates with all existing customer feedback platforms (eg Zendeck, Customer IO, Intercom).

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Customer Support Triaging To Simplify Operations

Cotera's CX offering includes automated ticket triaging, which categorizes and routes incoming support requests to the teams that need to see it.

With advanced natural language processing, it accurately understands the issue's context and urgency.

Critical cases, or tickets from high priority /value customers get promptly flagged and routed to your top agents for swift resolution.

Less pressing matters get seamlessly organized for your team to handle systematically. This intelligent sorting optimizes your support workflow, allowing your rockstar agents to focus on providing outstanding service.

Wave bye to backlogs and hello to effortless support management!

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Proactive Customer Engagement

Keep up with what your customers are saying with real-time alerts. Our tool actively informs you about crucial feedback, not just collecting data. When there's a significant negative review or a pressing customer issue, you'll get instant notifications in tools like Slack, Gorgias, Zendesk, or Kustomer. This way, you can quickly address any problems. Happy customers are key to a successful business, and our tool is here to help you keep them satisfied.

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