Engagement Model

Understand how customers are engaging with your marketing materials - every click andopen.

Unified CDP

The fastest way to implement a CDP that unifies all of your customer data.

Attribution Model

The easiest way to attribute your marketing spend across channels.

KPI Alerting

World class standardized metrics that alert you when things don't go as expected.

Event Monitoring

Know whenever your track events go stale or get deprecated.

Data Warehouse Search

Sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for in your data warehouse... well not any more.

Data Cleaning

The easiest way to clean up those messy columns. No more mixed-up address, email and phone number formats.

Data Warehouse Monitoring

A simple, clean overview of everything going on in your data warehouse.

Send Time Optimization

Know exactly the right time to send your emails based on your customers' past behavior.

Lifetime Value Model

Predict the lifetime value of your customers quickly and easily.

Customer Insights Model

Understand your customers with detail you've never had before, and tailor your marketing to suit them.

Churn Prediction for B2C

Predict which customers are at risk of churning, and intervene with perfect timing.

Customer Feedback Monitoring

Understand exactly what your customers think about your product and distill it into actionable insights.

Content Recommendations

Predict which content your customers are most likely to engage with.

Lifecycle Model

Tailor sales funnels to different types of user