Unified CDP

The fastest way to implement a CDP that unifies all of your customer data.

KPI Alerting

World class standardized metrics that alert you when things don't go as expected.

Event Monitoring

Know whenever your track events go stale or get deprecated.

Customer Insights Model

Understand your customers with detail you've never had before, and tailor your marketing to suit them.

Churn Prediction for Ecommerce

Know which customers are at risk of not buying again, and intervene with perfect timing.

Category Recommendations

Discover the Right Categories for Each Customer

Product Recommendations

Cotera's Recommendation Engine is like a smart shopping buddy, picking out just the right items for each customer. It looks at what they click and buy, and what similar shoppers like, to suggest the perfect products. Whether it’s finding new treasures or remembering their regular favorites, our engine makes shopping a breeze. And when customers love what they see, they buy more - boosting your sales in a snap!

Customer Feedback Monitoring

Stay On Top of What Your Customers Are Saying

Cotera's CX tool lets you understand your customers' opinions and feelings about your products, across every touch point.

Our tracker closely looks at what people say on social media, in reviews, and in support messages.

It doesn't just read the words - it understands the emotions behind them. You'll know exactly what features your customers love and what things need some work.

Content Recommendations

Predict which content your customers are most likely to engage with.

Metrics for Ecommerce

World class metrics for E-Commerce companies, set up in moments, not months.

Lifecycle Model

Tailor sales funnels to different types of user