Churn Prediction for Ecommerce

Know which customers are at risk of not buying again, and intervene with perfect timing.

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Smart Detection of Customer Churn

Our Churn Prediction App is your go-to tool for understanding customers. It’s like a detective, looking closely at what customers buy, the discounts they use, and how they interact with your website. This app is smart – it uses all these clues to figure out which customers might stop buying from you. It doesn’t just stop there; it also suggests ways to keep them around, like special offers or direct communication.

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Tailored Actions for Each Customer

Here’s how it gets even better: the app integrates with your systems. For your top customers, it can send alerts directly to your Slack, letting you know when a personal touch, like a phone call, might be needed. For others, it works with tools like Klaviyo or Attentive, setting up SMS discounts or emails for their favorite products. It’s all about the right approach for the right customer.

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Boost Business with Custom Solutions

Each customer gets a unique 'churn score' based on their activities. High scores might trigger a Slack alert, while lower ones might start an email campaign. This means you can respond in the best way possible, keeping your customers more engaged. Happier customers stick around longer, and that’s key to your business’s success. Our Churn Prediction App helps you understand and act on customer needs, keeping your business growing.

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