Event Monitoring

Know whenever your track events go stale or get deprecated.

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Monitor All Your System Events

Our Event Monitoring system is like a vigilant watchdog for your data events. It's perfect for businesses that use different systems to handle data. What this app does is pretty straightforward – it keeps an eye on all the events (like customer actions or system updates) you're tracking across your systems. It's always checking to see if everything's running smoothly or if there are any hiccups.

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Stay Informed About Data Issues

Sometimes, events can go dead or become unavailable - that's where we step in. It's designed to figure out which events haven't been active for a while and let you know, so you don't miss out on any critical data.

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Bridge the Gap Between Data Creators and Marketers

The cool part is, this app isn't just for the folks who set up these events. It's also incredibly useful for marketers who rely on this data to make decisions. With our Event Tracker, everyone stays in the loop. Marketers will know right away if an event they're counting on hasn't been triggered, making it easier for them to work efficiently with the data team. This way, you ensure that your data flow is not just active but also effective for all parts of your business.

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