Attribution Model

The easiest way to attribute your marketing spend across channels.

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Flexible Attribution Models

Our app is designed to analyze your website data from Google Analytics or any custom tracking tool you use. It creates different kinds of attribution models like linear and weighted. These models help you understand how each part of your marketing is helping to bring in customers. It's like getting a clear map of which marketing steps are working best to lead people to buy from you.

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Linking Campaign Data with Costs and Revenue

Once you have these models, the app makes it easy to connect them to your marketing campaigns and their costs. This is really helpful to figure out how much money you’re making from different marketing sources. You can see which campaigns are bringing in more customers and how much you’re earning from them, compared to how much you're spending.

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Stay Alerted to Changes in Performance

You'll also get alerts through email or Slack if there's a big drop in performance from any of your sources. This means you can quickly see and fix any issues. For example, if one of your ads stops bringing in as many customers as before, you’ll know right away. This keeps you on top of your marketing game, ready to adjust and improve whenever you need to.

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