Lead Scoring

Score leads quickly and easily, so you know how to reach out to and when.

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Identifies Strong Prospects for Sales

The app helps you understand which free trial users are doing well with your product and which ones might not be using it as much. This tells you who's really interested in what you're offering and who might need a little more attention or a different approach. Knowing this helps you and your sales team decide how to best talk to these potential customers and turn them into regular, paying ones.

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Alerts for Important Customer Milestones

The Cotera Lead Scoring platform will also send alerts to your sales team whenever someone reaches an important point in their trial, like using a key feature or spending a lot of time on your product. These alerts can go wherever your team is most active, whether it's in their email, on Slack, or somewhere else. This means your team can quickly reach out to these hot leads and help turn them into loyal customers.

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Connects to Your Website and Tracking Software

The Cotera Lead Scoring App easily plugs into your website and any usage tracking software you're using. Its job is to sort through all the people who visit your site and try your products, especially during free trials, and figure out which ones are most likely to become paying customers. It's a smart helper that watches how people use your trial and uses AI to pick the best leads

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