Discount Model

Know which customers will respond to which discounts, and never send a broad discount blast again.

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Maximize Profits with Intelligent Discounting

Our Discount Model is a game-changer for savvy marketers. It's all about understanding each customer's buying habits - do they prefer buying with discounts or are they okay paying full price? By analyzing their purchase history and sales browsing patterns, we figure out who really needs a discount to buy and who doesn't. Surprisingly, about 25% of customers will buy without any discounts, meaning you could be saving money on unnecessary reductions.

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Tailored Discounts for Every Customer

We don't just stop at identifying who needs discounts. Our model goes further by looking at how much your customers typically spend. With this, we create dynamic coupons that match their spending patterns. This means you're offering just the right discount - not too much, not too little. It's a smarter way to use discounts, ensuring you maintain profitability while keeping your customers happy.

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Seamless Sync with Your Marketing Tools

The best part? All this data effortlessly integrates with your marketing tools. Whether you're using Klaviyo, Attentive, Sendlane, or others, our model syncs up to provide you with actionable insights. This seamless integration allows you to craft perfectly timed, personalized discount campaigns, elevating your marketing strategy and driving more sales.

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