Inventory Forecasting

Inventory forecasting is hard. This model makes it easy.

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Accurate Inventory Tracking and Predictions

Inventory management can be a complex task, but our Inventory Forecasting app simplifies it. This tool keeps a close watch on your inventory, tracking each item you have in stock. It's not just about counting what's there; it also predicts when you're likely to run out of each product. This prediction is based on how much you currently have and how fast items are being ordered, taking into account your growth from last year and recent order volumes for each product.

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Customized Messaging for Inventory Changes

A unique feature of this model is its ability to link inventory levels with your customer communication. Say you're running low on a popular item; the tool can trigger an email to customers who love that item, letting them know it's time to buy. Alternatively, if you don't want to send out alerts for certain products, you can customize these settings to fit your strategy.

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Alerts and Dashboard for Easy Monitoring

This app comes equipped with an alert system and a dashboard. The alerts keep you informed about critical inventory changes, like if an item is running out faster than expected. The dashboard provides a clear view of your inventory, highlighting which items are depleting quickly. This combination of alerts and visual dashboard makes it easier for you to stay on top of your inventory and plan accordingly.

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